Dr. Sarb Dhillon

Consultant Respiratory and Sleep Specialist


Respiratory and Sleep Physician




Background:  Sarbroop Graduated from the University of Western Australia training in Respiratory and General Medicine. He then undertook studies of Sleep Medicine and Pulmonary Physiology at Western Australian Sleep Disorders Research Institute. He has a passion for rural work having previously worked at Albany, Bunbury and Alice Springs.

Clinics: As Dr Dhillon works as a Respiratory he manages general respiratory conditions, pulmonary nodules and lung cancer as well as pleural disease, airway disease and interstitial lung diseases. As well as being a Sleep Physician he manages a complex sleep apnoea, parasomnias and insommia. He operates out of St John of God Midland Hospital both privately and publically.

Personal: Dr Dhillon has special interest with respiratory failure in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and neuromuscular disorders